Task 22
Task 22
SHC Task 22

Building Energy Analysis Tools

Project (Task) Description

Task 22 investigated the availability and accuracy of building energy analysis tools and engineering models to evaluate the performance of solar and low-energy buildings. The scope of the Task was whole building energy analysis tools, including emerging modular type tools, and to widely used solar and low-energy design concepts. Tool evaluation activities included analytical, comparative, and empirical methods, with emphasis given to blind empirical validation using measured data from test rooms or full scale buildings. Documentation of engineering models used existing standard reporting formats and procedures. The impact of improved building energy analysis tools was assessed from a building owner perspective.

The audience for the results of the Task is building energy analysis tool developers, and energy standards development organizations (i.e ASHRAE and CEN). However, tool users, such as architects, engineers, energy consultants, product manufacturers, and building owners and managers, are the ultimate beneficiaries of the research.